New phone, who dis?


Hi! I’m Henrik, freelance developer based in Copenhagen. I’ve created over 100 web solutions for a large range of clients but tend to work in particular with creative agencies and startups. I've previously worked in-house at agencies and at startups as well as founding my own.

I try my best to create simple and well-designed products that not only looks good but actually works in the real world. Solutions should have a purpose, tell a story and add value. Not just add to the noise of the attention economy. I like to explore, play, educate and learn with my clients, not just work for them.

Besides I'm a proud Data Sapien and volunteer at Danish Startup Group.

I might be your guy if you're looking for

  • A frontend developer who can build things from scratch
  • A developer with a good understanding of design
  • A creative coder who priorities performance
  • A UX engineer who can analyze and optimize digital journeys
  • A partner and collaborator in the digital space

I'm not your guy if you're looking for

  • A cookie cutter
  • A developer for backend or DevOps services
  • A guy to update your Wix or Squarespace site
  • A developer to implement unethical tools or dark patterns
  • Somebody to fix your printer or wifi (this has happened)
More details? See my services

Don't take my word for it

Take theirs! I've been fortunate to work with talented individuals and organizations, some of them you can find below.

Kjetil SandeDigital team lead, Tada agency

As an agency we have hired Henrik as a freelance developer on many projects with impressive results. He's a good team player who always deliver on time. When working together on a design he has a great understanding of the user experience enabling solutions reach their full potential, and you can trust him to make good decisions independently as well.

Niels MortensenFounder & CEO, BAKOBA

We've been working with Henrik for several years through the development and growth of our startup. We're in the retail industry and Henrik has helped us with building a custom website and strong eCommerce platform. Having a partner like Henrik on board is very valuable to our startup.

Tomas Zhang MathiesenSenior Associate, PwC

I've been lucky to work with Henrik cross different organizations and on several digital projects. He is a great developer with deep technical knowledge while also being very skilled in the realm of UX and design. Working with Henrik is a joy and I'm giving him my warmest recommendations.

Sanne RindholmMarketing coordinator, Volvo Trucks Denmark

I've worked with Henrik on development of a WordPress website. He's a skilled developer with creative and well thought ideas. Work has always been delivered on time and even exceeding expectations. Cooperating with Henrik is a delight and I can highly recommend him as a digital partner.

Lasse M. TvedtDeveloper & Designer, ANTI

I've worked closely with Henrik on several digital projects. He's a creative developer with a very strong determination in creating impressive and well thought solutions. He's never scared to take on a challenge and push the boundaries of modern web development. I can recommend him 10/10 <3.

Let's get talking!

Feel free to reach out. Or you can try talking to my virtual assistant the HenrikoBot™ but be aware I never really know what he is up to.