I help building value-adding digital web solutions through great ux, design and modern technologies.


Custom design and frontend

WordPress, Craft, SPA, JAMStack

Good websites connect customers with brands, tell a story and are both beautiful and functional. They might even create delight.

Web apps

Web application development

React.js, Firebase, PWA

Web applications can be complex but should be easy to use. They respect their users and make their lives easier.


Fixed scoped packages to a fixed price, no more no less.

Perfomance audit

Optimizing your site can create fast and impactful results for your business

20,000 DKK

Whether you want to boost revenues, improve conversion rates or improve retention and engagement, a well-optimised site is a key part.

UX review

Improve your KPIs and make your customers happy at the same time

20,000 DKK

Improving the user experience of your product or website is a long game but you will often find immediate insights and actions from an UX review.